Kraft Horse Treadmills


Horses need exercise and this is the topic we have concentrated on for many years by specializing in horse walkers. We are convinced of this form of training and continue to hold to it. However, due to limited space or other reasons, a horse walker is not always feasible. That is why we are expanding our product range. 
We have developed a high quality horse treadmill in accordance with the newest technology and scientific knowledge. Our horse treadmill offers exercise in a small space and is ideal for enhancing horse training methods.


Uwe & Frank Kraft
(Manufacturers of Kraft Horse Walkers & Horse Treadmills)
  1. Love the new Kraft Treadmill at Punchestown Stable! We have used it heavily for these first 2 weeks we have had it and it has been a fantastic asset to the farm. Frank was a huge help in getting it set up and working for us very quickly. He came out and spent a long time looking at potential places to put it before we had even made the purchase. Then installed it and spent all afternoon helping us get horses walking on it comfortably. Since we have had it he has been back twice to check on things and make sure we are happy and everything is working well. Couldn’t be happier with the Kraft treadmill we purchased or the service we received in getting it!

    Sarah @ Punchestown Stables, KY

  2. Kraft Treadmill's are the safest and most reliable treadmills that I've seen on the market. The extra width, wall height, and materials used makes this treadmill the best for our young horses and older horses. With the large variety of programs available we are able to customize the workout for each and every horse and their unique needs. Our employees find the automatic program's easy to use so there's never any confusion when putting a horse on the treadmill.

    Willie Tynan @ Spycoast Farm