Our treadmills feature:
  • 3'3" extra wide walking surface
  • speed up to 8mph (13km/h)
  • incline up to 11 degrees
  • low noise level with  minimum maintenance 
  • programmable controller for custom training
  • impact resistant side walls
  • SAFETY - emergency button
  • 2-year warranty
  • in-house financing available (no third party)
  1. MINIMUM maintenance
    MINIMUM maintenance
    Our treadmills are equipped with SELF-LUBRICATION mechanism to ensure hassle free operation. Like your vehicle change lubrication oil as needed.
  2. 3'3" EXTRA wide walking surface
    3'3" EXTRA wide walking surface
    Thanks to a wider width a horse has enough space to move freely without touching side walls!
  3. Incline up to 11 degrees
    Incline up to 11 degrees
    The pitch of the walking surface can be raised from 0 up to 11 degrees.
  4. COMPUTERIZED controller
    COMPUTERIZED controller
    Our controller is fully programmable to provide custom training and therapy plan to suit your horses' needs.